Bandirah zijn Koen en Debby Oostervoort uit Haarlem. Ze zijn al sinds 1969 samen en gaven elkaar in 1980 het jawoord. Koen (53, rechts op de foto) werkt bij de Landmacht als administratief medewerker. Debby (net 50, links op de foto) is een trotse huisvrouw. Ze hebben drie kinderen: Ronald (26), Charissa (21) en David (17). Ronald en Charissa wonen nog thuis, David doet vrijwilligerswerk in een kibboets in Israël. Bandirah hun hobby’s zijn naast het maken van cartoons: puzzelen, lezen en wandelen met hond Max. Voor een Bandirah-cartoon levert Koen de tekst, Debby maakt de spotprent.

Hier vind u de spotprentenreeksen 'De Kreup Vallende Histie' en 'Kalkedodder' die ik in respectievelijk tweeduizendvier en tweeduizendvijf maakte. tevens kunt u hier 'Astielen Kiekaert' aantreffen. in deze reeks verschijnt iedere zondag een prent.

Great websites with cartoons

If you are new to the whole internet thing then you will discover that everything can be sorted in a few groups. There are websites that offer social media stuff and a connection with other people and there you will find the intro to the world of online cartoons. There are also places where you can learn things, follow amazing DIY steps and explore the world in a whole new way. You will also be able to meet escorts and other amazing new people, so don't back off and embrace it as a wonderful new thing. But the real fun and amazing part is hiding in the cartoon 'section' where you will see awesome sketches and videos by talented new artists. An Amsterdam escort can show you where exactly, but you can also continue reading and find it out on your own.

Why online cartoons?

Everyone can enjoy cartoons and there is no such thing as an age group that they are made for. But it is somehow natural that kids are the ones that mostly watch them and actually enjoy them. However, the biggest and most amazing cartoons have been made during the 90's and that is the reason why you will see quite a lot people over 20 still watching them. Not every one of them is made for children, with a fun and easy plot. Escorts will show you that many of them have very detailed, thought through plots and hundreds of episodes. You can find these ladies on the Escort Directory and meet them, so you can start binge watching them as much as you would want to. Some of the most famous ones are Pokemon, Digimon, One Piece, Dragon Ball and many others. Adults and Amsterdam escorts tend to like Spongebob as well as South Park, Family Guy and Tom and Jerry.

Find them on the internet

Newly released and fresh, not so known, cartoons won't make it to the television right away. So there is only one place to post and share them and that is the internet. You won't only see adverts there and wonderful escorts, but also some art and stunning work that people have been developing for years. Youtube is one of the most famous video streaming websites now; it just introduced Youtube Red, where you can watch copyrighted content while paying for a membership. Besides cartoons an Amsterdam escort goes there to see what is going on in the world, to watch videos of random people, vlogs (video blogs) and to kill time.

Vimeo is known to be the world's most famous streaming service, it offers all content you can think of, from movies and short documentaries to videos and cartoons. There you will find the most famous and interesting ones, even escorts visit it and enjoy what they have to offer. Hulu Video is also a nice and known website, just as Disney Video which is limited to only Disney made ones. and are great as well, especially alluc because it offers free stream and videos of new and older cartoons. You can find these also on Tumblr as well as on a variety of blogs and channels on Youtube.