Why are cartoons so popular these days?

Cartoon series have always been seen as something children could watch, that doesn't have any harm nor promote any evil. But today it is much different, there are more than enough cartoons that show people being killed and much worse things done to them. The reason for that is that many of those are not meant for children or even people under 16 years of age, anymore. Because of that you should not only be careful of what you kids watch, but also take some time and pick something out for you.

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You will enjoy it

You don't have to watch a cartoon movie, nor read comics like Bandirah, to get the fun, since there are cartoon series that might be just what you want. Some series have episodes that are 20 minutes long while others go up to one whole hour. Don't think that because these are cartoons there won't be a longer or deeper plot that needs to be explained for a long time. There are series, indeed, that have more than 10 thousand episodes, but the longest one with a plot that goes from beginning to end is One Piece with 765 ones.


Some cartoons like the Simpsons or South Park are loved and run for quite some time, but each episode of those has a separate plot and that doesn't make the whole thing that enjoyable. On the other hand, it is fun to watch one of these 20 minute long entertainment shows once a week before you go to sleep. So why not do it, maybe it can become even a family tradition to sit down in front of the TV every week, just like the characters in The Simpsons during the intro. If you have young children, then give them Tom and Jerry to watch or the Looney Tunes, those are the iconic ones that everyone needs to enjoy at some point.