Diverse cartoon types that you might enjoy

It is usual for people to have different tastes in almost anything, but with cartoons it is totally different. Every cartoon out there is enjoyable, you just need to be of a certain age to be able to understand them. Luckily, everyone older than 15 can watch almost anything and get it totally, so the only thing that is left is to find a good stream. But you should also tell it to your friends and maybe get them to watch it with you, that way you can always hear new things or even get suggestions.

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Which ones to watch?

Every enthusiast should never start with the big ones, they are just too much and you might easily start to hate them because of the intensity. Those big ones would be One Piece, Dragon Ball and a variety of others. These and other anime cartoons are seen as the best and most interesting ones, since they have a strong back story and you need imagination and time to process it all. However, not every anime is good, and some of them are pretty bad, therefore always listen to what the watchers say and don't pick randomly, especially if it is your first time watching them.

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The first one you will watch should be one like Naruto Shippuden or Avatar: The Last Airbender. There are not many cartoon series that have a higher rank on IMDB (9,2/10), (5/5) and (9/10), than Avatar. But the final judgment is on you, so feel free to go and try them, they might be the best thing you have ever seen, since there are no barriers for those who make them. Or you might hate them and in that case don't continue watching anything more, unless you have a beautiful lady by your side that can make everything much better and more interesting.